Architecture photography by AIAP member David Fonda, Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved.

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Membership in the AIAP is open to Full-time Professional Architectural Photographers Only
Client references and website portfolio required.

"I booked and shot three jobs totaling nearly $10k, plus another three high-value jobs that I wasn’t able to squeeze in to the schedule...a $195 investment to gain these opportunities is well worth it in my book!"
- AIAP Member from Washington

"I had a great year, thanks in part to a new client finding me on AIAP. They gave me 35 projects to photograph. I truly appreciate what you do​."
- AIAP Member from Indiana

"My membership is worth its weight in gold! I get lots of jobs from U.S. clients either shooting in Canada or the U.S."
- AIAP Member from Canada

Architecture photography by AIAP member Lincoln Barbour, Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved.

About the AIAP

In other words, "What's in it for me?"

The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers (AIAP) is an Internet-based trade association with one primary purpose:

To promote the professional success of established independent architectural photographers.

Applicants for AIAP membership undergo a rigorous screening process to insure that only the finest photographers become AIAP members.

"My only regret about the AIAP Directory is that I didn't find it years ago. Having access to these photographers sure would have made my life easier and our marketing materials better!"
- Marketing Director from Atlanta, Georgia

Architecture photography by AIAP member Pablo Mason, Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved.

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